HEARTHEART -the EARTH is supported with our HEART and HEART

XYZ cross wise

"Power of the Words" to contribute to society


"HEARTHEART – the earth is supported with our HEART & HEART"
In order to realize this theme of XYZ(CROSSWISE),
we promote the following activities.

Three Principal Pillars


Activity to spread ‘HEARTHEART’ spirit to the world

Transmission of meaning or importance of words by means of picture books and songs

To send the message of gratitude for the support from all over the world after the huge earthquake in 2011. And also, to convey the importance of ‘heart linking way of life.’


Activity to support the earth in the future with one another, and send hope of tomorrow to friends

Leading to the hopeful future with supporting organizations

Calling out to support the future of the earth together with each heart, through the activity of contribution to society with organizations supporting.

MANAVIE (manabi)

Activity to practice learning from words

Supporting improvement of expression and creativity by words

For the children in the world, to provide an opportunity to express themselves by words with poem, lyrics, or essay.
These activities are intended to foster creativity, support the growth of the mind, and create the chance to learn a diversity of cultures and deepen international understanding for them.


June 1, 2021


The picture books were donated to children in Laos

Supported by Koyo Orient Japan Co., Ltd.

January 24, 2019


We donated our picture books to children in Taiwan

Hosted by XYZ

September 28, 2017


Picture-story show was performed in Malaysia

Hosted by Nazuna Bunko

January 30, 2016


The picture books were donated to children in Malaysia

Supported by Panasonic Corporation

September 28, 2015


The picture books were donated to children in Mumbai, India

Supported by The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited

September 17, 2015

Brunei Darussalam

The picture books were donated to children in Brunei Darussalam

Supported by Mitsubishi Corporation

April 27, 2015


International Futsal Friendly Match “HEARTHEART CUP” was held in Indonesia.

Supported by Benesse Holdings, Inc.

February 2, 2015


The picture books were donated to children in Thailand

Supported by Seiko Holdings Corporation

December 26, 2014

The picture books were donated to children who received a prize at the Asian International Children’s Film Festival

Hosted by Asian International Children's Film Festival executive committee

March 14, 2013


The picture books were donated to children in Mexico

Supported by Nissan Motor Company