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japan February 13, 2020

We donated our picture books to all elementary schools in Tokyo

At the end of January 2020, we donated our picture book “You are the only one, but never a lonely one” to all 1337 elementary schools in Tokyo. The details was 1278 public elementary schools, 6 national elementary schools, and 53 private elementary schools.

“You are the only one, but never a lonely one” was written by our founder Keiko Yokoi for overseas children to express our deep gratitude for the support from all over the world after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
And this time, we are please to inform you that we have donated the picture books to the children in Japan.

We will continue these activities to help children realize the importance of connecting “HEARTS” through this picture book.


We received thank-you letters from the Ota Ward Board of Education, Rikkyo elementary school and Gakushuin elementary school.