HEARTHEART -the EARTH is supported with our HEART and HEART

XYZ cross wise

"Power of the Words" to contribute to society

About XYZ


Words have enormous power.
Also, words occasionally give us unexpected “awareness”.

On March 11th 2011, a huge earthquake and tsunami hit Japan and did tremendous damage. We can’t even measure how much we have lost through this disaster.
But through this unfortunate experience, we learned some very important things.
There were so many warm messages of support from all over the world.
It was like being given a big “HEART”.
And from this word “HEART”, I received another message.

When you write the word, “HEART” and “HEART” inline together, another word appears. The word is “EARTH”.

Once again, I have learned from these “words” that the linkage of each “Heart” is what supports this wonderful “Earth”.
As I became aware of this, it motivated me to do something good for the society with the “power of words”.

For 30 years, ever since my company ZYXYZ had been established in 1984, we have been making the most out of the messages, received from the words that were used for the development of “Business Brand-names”. With the years of these experiences, and through the power of words, we wish to aim for contribution to realize, the peaceful society where people understand and respect each other.
In order to connect as many peoples’ HEARTS as we can, and make these activities fruitful, we sincerely ask you all for your warm support and cooperation.

XYZ (cross wise) Specified NPO Founder Keiko Yokoi

3 messages from “HEART”

Connect ‘HEART’ to ‘HEART’

Connecting ‘HEART’ to ‘HEART’, the word ‘EARTH’ appears in the middle.

‘The earth is supported by hearts linking with each other.’

Draw a circle with ‘HEART’

Reading the 5 letters ‘HEART’ starting from ‘E’, the word ‘EARTH’ appears.

‘The earth is essentially made of the heart.’

Place ‘HEART’ on ‘EARTH’

Placing the ‘HEART’ on top of the ‘EARTH’, the word ‘HEARTH’ appears.

‘The earth becomes a home filled with love’, when we join our hearts together.

Through these messages we received the word ‘HEART’, and I feel that it is time to think seriously about the “earth” linking our hearts to hearts.

Now, what can we do for the earth (society)? From now on, how should we relate with the earth (world)?
Heading towards the future, what should we leave for the earth (next generation), and what should we pass on?

On this universal subject shared by all of us living on the earth, we would like to work with as many people as possible. And with whom we can share the same thought.


Organization XYZ (cross wise) Specified NPO
Establishment March 26, 2012
Address Head Office
2-15-6, Honcho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0012 Japan
Akasaka Office
2-17-64-802, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 Japan
Representative Kiyohito Yokoi
Associated organization ZYXYZ Inc.