HEARTHEART -the EARTH is supported with our HEART and HEART

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"Power of the Words" to contribute to society


Activity to connect the world with ‘the power of words’.

To send a message of gratitude for the support from all over the world after the huge earthquake in 2011. And also, to convey the importance of ‘how to live by linking heart to heart’ by means of producing the picture books and donating them to children of the world.

Producing and donating the picture book
“You are the only one, but never a lonely one”

“HEARTHEART~Activities to deliver the picture books to the children of the world” was authorized as “40th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation Event” and “Japan Vietnam Friendship Year Event” in 2013, as the commemorative event of “the 30th Anniversary of Friendship between Japan and Brunei” in 2014.

Donated to



  • 2020/06~12Child welfare facilities and Children’s medical centers in Japan
  • 2020/01Elementary schools in Tokyo
  • 2014/04Elementary schools in Kyoto (supported by Nagatanien)
  • 2014/01Elementary schools in Okayama (supported by Benesse Corporation)
  • 2013/11Elementary schools in Osaka (supported by K-Opticom)
  • 2013/11Elementary schools in Kagawa (supported by Fuji-Sangyo)
  • 2013/03Elementary schools in Miyagi (supported by Hitachi)
  • 2013/03Elementary schools in Iwate (supported by KDDI)
  • 2013/02Elementary schools in Fukushima (supported by Nissan Motor Company)
  • 2013/02Public libraries in Japan (supported by Benesse Corporation)