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October 28, 2020

Picture book donation project to child welfare facilities in Japan <Final report>

In a situation where the changes in life caused by the COVIT-19 pandemic are still continuing, we have donated our picture book “You are the only one, but never a lonely one” to children in domestic welfare facilities in order to bring peace to their minds. Initially, we started this project with the donation to facilities in Tokyo. Finally, the picture books were sent to 441 facilities in 35 prefectures. We would like to thank everyone who supported the distribution of the picture books. The prefectures that we donated picture books in October and the organizations that cooperated with us are as follows.
  • Aomori 7 fac.(Aomori-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai)
  • Akita 9 fac.(Akita-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai)
  • Fukushima 8 fac.(Fukushima-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai)
  • Ibaraki 29 fac.(Ibaraki-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai, Ibaraki-ken Jidofukushishisetsu kyogikai)
  • Chiba 8 fac.(Chiba-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai)
  • Saitama 24 fac.(Saitama-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai)
  • Gifu 6 fac.(Gifu-ken Jidoufukushikyogikai)
  • Aichi 18 fac.(Chubu Zeni Bank)
  • Yamaguchi 1 fac.(Cooperated by Yamaguchi-ken Jidonyushoshisetsu renrakukyogikai)
  • Fukuoka 21 fac.(Cooperated by Fukuoka-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai)
  • Saga 12 fac.(Cooperated by Saga-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai)
  • Nagasaki 14 fac.(Cooperated by Nagasaki-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai)
  • Oita 14 fac.(Cooperated by Oita-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai)
  • Miyazaki 13 fac.(Cooperated by Miyazaki-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai)
We are grateful for sending us a letter how children are enjoying picture books. We also received heartwarming messages from the children.