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September 30, 2020

Picture book donation project to child welfare facilities in Japan <Interim report>

Our picture book donation project to children in domestic child welfare facilities is now in progress.
After donating to facilities in Tokyo and Kanagawa, we have already sent picture books to facilities in 16 prefectures as below from July to September. We would like to thank all those who cooperated. 

  • Hokkaido 18 fac.(Cooperated by Hokkaido Shyakaifukushikyogikai)
  • Tochigi 2 fac.(Cooperated by Tochigi-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai)
  • Ishikawa 4 fac.(Cooperated by Ishikawa-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai)
  • Fukui 8 fac.(Cooperated by Fukui-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai)
  • Yamanashi 8 fac.(Cooperated by Yamanashi-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai)
  • Nagano 21 fac.(Cooperated by Nagano-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai/Nagano-ken Jidoufukushirenmei)
  • Shizuoka 12 fac.(Cooperated by Shizuoka-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai/Shizuoka-ken Jidoyogoshisetsukyogikai)
  • Mie 18 fac.(Cooperated by Mie-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai)
  • Shiga 5 fac.(Cooperated by Shiga-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai)
  • Osaka 31 fac.(Cooperated by Osaka-fu Shyakaifukushikyogikai)
  • Hyogo 20 fac.(Cooperated by Hyogo-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai/Hyogo-ken Jidoyogorenrakukyogikai)
  • Wakayama 8 fac.(Cooperated by Wakayama-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai)
  • Okayama 12 fac.(Cooperated by Okayama-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai)
  • Hiroshima 15 fac.(Cooperated by Hiroshima-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai)
  • Kochi 5 fac.(Cooperated by Kochi-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai)
  • Kumamoto 20 fac.(Cooperated by Kumamoto-ken Shyakaifukushikyogikai)

  • We got fantastic messages from the children who received the picture books. Their comments were a great encouragement for us to continue this project.