HEARTHEART -the EARTH is supported with our HEART and HEART

XYZ cross wise

"Power of the Words" to contribute to society

When you write the word, “HEART” and “HEART” inline together, another word appears. The word is “EARTH”.

When we connect our hearts, we can notice the “Earth” is there.

The link of each “Heart” is what supports this wonderful “EARTH”.

With the power of words, “XYZ (cross wise) Specified NPO” carries out activities to help make the world a better place where people’s heart connect with one another.

Activity Report

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June 2021

Supported by Koyo Orient Japan Co., Ltd.


The picture books were donated to children in Laos

We received heartwarming messages from the children


January 2019

Hosted by XYZ


We donated our picture books to children in Taiwan

at Xin-Hu Elementary School in Taipei City

at Chen-Jou Elementary School in New Taipei City


January 2016

Supported by Panasonic Corporation


The picture books were donated to children in Malaysia

Donation ceremony was held in Putrajaya

Heartwarming performance by children